Sunday, 6 January 2013

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About Us

Hi Frnds, Welcome to PinkuSays About page and here you will get one step closer to us. You will be getting to know me and PinkuSays more closely and probably after reading this, you might like to join us on various social networking sites. This page will be about me (Pankaj Panday). I will not be talking about How I started So, lets jump into some of the background information, so that you can feel like a Close Frnds:

Hi guys, Welcome to PinkuSays and let me introduce myself to you. Like any other, I’m a normal guy who is passionate about Computing and Internet. I’m an Engineer by education and a Blogger by profession. You will find my mostly writing about Blogging, Social media, WordPress, SEO, Technology and Make money online.

Here at PinkuSays, I share tips which I learned over time about Blogging and how to earn passive income online. I make a living out of Blogging.But now, Sitting in front of computer and writing what I enjoy writing.
Computer and technology have been my passion since I was a child and after few blogs and communities on technology I started blogging via PinkuSays.

I’m a normal guy who lives life to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I like to talk stuff related to marketing, solopreneurship and art of living. If you share the similar qualities, feel free to join me on Facebook.